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‘SJ returns 2’, Japan’s three major cities Nagoya! SiWon-RyeoWook-ShinDong!

Siwon VS ‘Healthy Mania’ RyeoWook VS ‘Gourmet Ace’ ShinDong, Gourmet Tour!
SUPER JUNIOR ‘SJ returns 2: ELF’s Table’ is the sole web entertainment of Nagoya.

On Dec. 3, there will be SUPER JUNIOR-D & E, which prepares for the “sign ball” event in the waiting room ahead of the Nagoya tour, and ShinDong, who has been penalized for failing to select DongHae and EunHyuk on the Tokyo side. RyeoWook was drawn to captivate the audience.

On the 5th of December, SiWon was delayed due to the Pusan ​​schedule, and ShinDong and RyeoWook, who opened the tour of Nagoya Gourmet Tour, announced the full-scale episodes of eating. Especially, ‘RyeoWook will enjoy a new world of carbohydrates through various sandwiches and toasts, and will be laughing in unexpected scenes such as’ Storm Carbohydrate Eating Broadcast’.

In addition, the full version of SiWon ‘s movie trips like Busan is also expected to be released with’ SJ returns 2 ‘clip.

SUPER JUNIOR’s’ SJ returns 2: ELF’s Table ‘Nagoya show introduces restaurants near the venue to SUPER JUNIOR-D & E, which is busy with tour schedule in Japan, and fans who have found concert at 11 AM NAVER TV and V LIVE’ SJ returns 2 ‘channel.

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