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RYEOWOOK 려욱 ‘우리의 거리 (One and Only)’ Special Video

The lyrics of the song were handwritten by Ryeowook himself for his loyal E.L.Fs. The cute animations show an animated man and woman walking along important locations that are rotating around a rock. They are walking in opposite directions away from each other. A black-and-white shot of Ryeowook appears when he sings the chorus of the song. He turns around on the spot. Special dates are marked out while the animated character is walking. For example, their concert ‘Super Show 6‘ on July 12th 2015 is marked out. A shot of the Super Junior members from this concert is shown. There are clips of Ryeowook performing with his group. Furthermore, there are videos of his members visiting him while he was in the military. The sense of brotherhood between them is strong. This cute video will definitely make fans feel bittersweet.

‘One and Only‘ is Ryeowook‘s pre-release track for his upcoming second mini album. He will make his solo comeback on December 12th. He debuted as a solo artist in 2016 with debut mini album ‘The Little Prince‘.

Video Posted by: sujuid on 30/11/2018 17:19
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