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RYEOWOOK new album ‘Drunk on love’ All songs pre-listen open!

December 11 fan showcase is also held! The title song ‘I’m not over you’ will be released for the first time!

RYEOWOOK’s second mini-album, ‘Drunk on love’, both teaser images and previews were released.

RYEOWOOK has opened the preview of all songs including the teaser image and title song ‘I’m not over you’ of this album in order from the 3rd of the last month, and also the Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, And other super junior official SNS through the new teaser image and song ‘Something Good’, special track ‘The 2nd Story’ preview of the new album is raising expectations for the new album.

Something Good is a soul pop genre with an acoustic guitar and piano and Rhodes electric piano on top of a hip-hop / R & B style rhythm. The special track ‘The 2nd Story’ RYEOWOOK writes and writes directly on the day when I meet with my fans again.

In addition, on November 11th, ‘RYEOWOOK 2nd Mini Album Showcase’ Drunk on love ‘will be held and it will be a good time to communicate with fans as well as to release the title song “I’m not over you” for the first time.

On the other hand, RYEOWOOK’s second mini-album ‘Drunk on love’, which returned to solo in about three years, will be officially released on December 11th.

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